Monday, November 28, 2016

Regarding Updates

I recently installed an update to my phones OS which appears to have made the Blogger app incompatible, causing the app to crash when I attempt to make a post.  While I could make posts from my computer, it was far more convenient to do it from my phone, so until the Blogger app is updated and works again, I will not be posting my drawings to The Champion Chimp.  If/when the app is updated I will resume posting to this blog.  I'm really not sure that there are that many actual humans visiting this page (I always assumed that most of the visitors that were logged were bots), but if you are a human and you would like to continue to check out my drawings you can follow me on Twitter @stv_armstrong or on Instagram @stv_armstrong where I will continue to post drawings and other nonsense.  Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for stopping by!